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Pet portraits are a great way to celebrate your furbabies. They make great gifts for those hard to shop for loved ones ;)  The pets are painted on Canvas with acrylic. Cats are 12 x 12" and dogs are 16 x 20" Additional sizes can be done upon request.

Please know that I take great care in making your pets come alive on canvas, so they take time. Please allow 2-3 weeks (based on availability/schedule) for me to create the painting for you.

I need a GOOD, clean photo with the best light possible. Digital is fine, I don't need a hard copy. In addition, let me know a color scheme for the background - example: light blue, sage green etc. I will email you after your order comes in to request your photo(s). I will at this time let you know if it is usable - too dark, may not work. Low resolution, will not work. etc.

You can choose between the realistic or Pop art version (or order 1 of each!) Just let me know which you would like. *the Pop art are the "funky" colored ones ;)

Pet Portraits

  • There are no refunds. These paintings take time and I give each one dedicated reflection and attention. My hope is that I produce a piece that you are forever proud of. If your photo to me is good, your painting should be too ;)

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