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Our family has ALL rescues - dogs and cats. It is something we care deeply about and hope to one day have a rescue farm! We strongly believe in rescue groups and the good they do to the animal population and the joy their animals bring families across the county where we live. SCDR has provided us with three of our fur babies :) and I want to give back. If you order through this listing, 50% goes directly to the group to further help aid animals in need.

Pet portraits are a great way to celebrate your furbabies. They make great gifts for those hard to shop for loved ones ;)  The pets are painted on Canvas with acrylic. Cats are 12 x 12" and dogs are 16 x 20" Additional sizes can be done upon request.

Please know that I take great care in making your pets come alive on canvas, so they take time. Please allow 2-3 weeks (based on availability/schedule) for me to create the painting for you.

I need a GOOD, clean photo with the best light possible. Digital is fine, I don't need a hard copy. In addition, let me know a color scheme for the background - example: light blue, sage green etc. I will email you after your order comes in to request your photo(s). I will at this time let you know if it is usable - too dark, may not work. Low resolution, will not work. etc.

You can choose between the realistic or Pop art version (or order 1 of each!) Just let me know which you would like. *the Pop art are the "funky" colored ones ;)

PETS for South Charlotte Dog Rescue

  • There are no refunds. These paintings take time and I give each one dedicated reflection and attention. My hope is that I produce a piece that you are forever proud of. If your photo to me is good, your painting should be too ;)

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