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Cherry Blossoms

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My name is Jenn Adams. I have always been an artist - as long as I can remember. I have a degree in Fine Art and I am most definitely right-brained. Our house is not the typical house... I never purchase store bought paintings (because I can recreate them and add my touch). I reuse or repurpose often, I am not afraid to try something new and often you will find things in unusual places or used in strange (to most people) ways, and for holidays - mine can be “THAT house” ... because to me, everything Ends up Art - and that makes me happy!

My “real” profession is a graphic artist/art director/Owner of Zenn Creative. I have over 25 years experience in this field. My other job is a Jazzercise instructor - in fact I own the center these classes are held. And then of course, like so many, I am a mom and a wife. So End up Art is my time - like Jazzercise, it is a time for me to do something for me. I love painting and I LOVE teaching. I found that I often hold painting sessions at my house with the neighborhood teens, because I always have supplies. Even through the noise, I love every minute. So here we are, let’s craft, let’s paint, let’s make new friends, let’s smile, laugh and see what EndsUpArt.

Painting Classes are held at my Jazzercise Center: 3775 Concord Parkway S #116, Concord NC 28027. Email for more information.

Classes held at Jazzercise Concord-Charlotte Speedway:

3775 Concord Parkway S, Concord NC 28027 unless otherwise noted


Jazzercise Concord-Charlotte Speedway, operated by DaeBreak Fitness LLC

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